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Patient Forms

About Your Visit

Please take the time to fill out these forms in advance. When completed, they will make it easier for you to be registered and seen when you come to the office.

IMPORTANT: Please come in twenty minutes before your appointment to give our staff the time to place your information in our electronic medical record. 

What you should bring to your appointment:

  • fill-out-formsHealth Insurance Card/Information
  • Completed forms (see below)
  • A list of all medications you are taking
  • A list of your questions /concerns
  • A photo ID
  • A friend or family member to take notes/help with questions
  • Copies of records from doctors related to your ear, nose and throat problems
  • A copy of your XRAYS / CT scans / MRI scans (not the reports – get the actual films or CD)

The best way to fill out forms in advance is by clicking here to log into our Online Patient Portal area to fill out the forms online!


If you are unable to login to our Online Patient Portal area, please download the registration form below and print all pages. Then fill it out and bring the form with you on your first visit to our office. Having this form completed in advance will speed up the patient registration process:



Sound Health Services Patient Information, Financial Agreement, and Authorization for Release of Information form, Microsoft Word, PDF

adobe-pdf-logoIf the Adobe PDF reader is not installed on your computer, you can get a free copy by clicking here.



Other forms that you may be asked to print and complete before your visit:

Dizziness and Balance Forms:
Dizziness and Balance Center Appointment Preparation – Microsoft Word, PDF
Dizziness and Balance Center Driving Directions – Microsoft Word, PDF
Dizziness and Balance ENG VRT Questionnaire – Microsoft Word, PDF
Ecoch-G Information – Microsoft Word, PDF

Voice and Swallowing Forms:
Videostroboscopy Appointment Card – Microsoft Word, PDF
Videostroboscopy Appointment Card, Sue Owens – Microsoft Word, PDF
Videostrobe Driving Directions Landmark and Mercy- Microsoft Word, PDF
Videostrobe Driving Directions St. Luke’s and Winghaven – Microsoft Word, PDF
Frequently Asked Questions About Videostroboscopy – Microsoft Word, PDF
Vocal Health Information – Microsoft Word, PDF
Voice Index – Microsoft Word, PDF
Reflux Index – Microsoft Word, PDF
Singing Voice Index – Microsoft Word, PDF
Videostrobe Consent Form – Microsoft Word, PDF