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Treatment Options for Chronic Sinusitis in Children

chronic sinusitis kidsSince children’s immune systems are still vulnerable, they get sick a lot more often than we do. But if you notice that your child seems to have frequent or recurring colds that last a long time, he may be suffering from a sinus infection, or sinusitis. Luckily there are treatments available that can relieve chronic sinusitis in children.

Is It Just a Cold or Sinusitis?

It’s often hard to tell how severe a child’s symptoms are, especially when they can’t tell you how they feel. A regular cold usually causes a runny or stuffy nose and cough, but if it lasts longer than 10 days it may be sinusitis. Symptoms may include:

•A low-grade fever
•Headache along with a feeling of pressure in the face and head
•Thick drainage that may have a yellow or greenish color
•A longer-lasting cough and sore throat
•Bad breath
•Vomiting caused by nasal drainage in the stomach
•Irritability, especially visible in very young children


What If My Child Has Chronic Sinusitis?

If your child has four to six episodes of acute sinusitis per year and does not respond to antibiotics, it’s time to seek medical attention. An otolaryngologist (or ENT) can treat chronic sinusitis in children with surgical and non-surgical methods. After a careful evaluation, your doctor may recommend one of the following treatments:

Surgical: Using an endoscope, an ENT surgeon can open your child’s drainage pathways to allow air to circulate through the sinuses, usually resulting in fewer sinus infections.

Non-Surgical: Balloon sinuplasty in children is a minimally invasive treatment that opens the nasal pathways using a tiny balloon. It can often be done in the office and entails inserting a balloon into the nasal passage and expanding the balloon to dilate the sinuses.


Does Balloon Sinuplasty in Children Work?

Many doctors are having measurable success relieving chronic sinusitis in children with this method. Entellus Medical, which develops sinusitis treatments, recently published results from a clinical study using the company’s XprESS balloon sinus dilation system. After evaluating 50 pediatric patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, all of whom had not responded to medication, Entellus found that all participants had improved significantly and experienced no complications within six months of being treated.

Who Can I Talk to About Treating My Child’s Chronic Sinusitis?

At Sound Health, our doctors are knowledgeable in all areas of the ear, nose and throat. We will examine your child and discuss his or her symptoms, and recommend a treatment plan that we believe will bring the most relief.

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