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Is a Runny Nose a Reason to See an ENT Doctor?

Reasons for runny nose

With all the viruses bouncing around, it’s common to have a runny nose this time of year. But if you’re constantly reaching for a tissue for longer than two weeks, it’s a good idea to see a doctor to determine what’s going on.   What Causes a Runny Nose? Your nose will run when there…

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What Caused You to Lose Your Voice?


During your son’s basketball game, did you cheer too loudly, or is there another reason you’re hoarse? It’s hard to tell, so let’s examine whether you should seek medical attention for your condition.   What Is Laryngitis? Laryngitis is an inflammation of the voice box, or larynx that causes your voice to become raspy, hoarse,…

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What Is an Acoustic Neuroma?

Acoustic Tumor

Ringing in the ear or hearing loss, balance issues, and numbness in your face are reasons to see a doctor right away. Although it’s rare, you could have a small tumor in your ear called an acoustic neuroma that causes these symptoms and requires medical intervention.   How Does an Acoustic Neuroma Form and Who…

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Treatment for Winter Sinus Problems

Winter Sinus Infections

Many of us deal with a stuffy nose, stopped up ears and post-nasal drip throughout the year, but for some, sinus problems get worse in colder months. Let’s discuss why your symptoms may be flaring up so you can get relief.   Causes of Winter Sinus Problems There are several reasons why annoying sinus issues…

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Nosebleeds Are More Frequent in the Winter

Winter Nosebleeds

Have you ever frantically looked for a tissue when your child’s nose started to bleed? If so, you know how frustrating and messy it can be. Nosebleeds are common in young kids and older adults, and are more likely to happen in cold weather due to dry air. But if you or your child deal…

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Winter Allergy Symptoms

Winter Allergies

With dormant trees and frosted grass, you wouldn’t think allergy symptoms like sneezing and coughing should be a problem in winter. But unfortunately, there is such a thing as winter allergies, and you’re actually more likely to suffer from them if you deal with allergies throughout the rest of the year.       What…

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Can You Get a Sore Throat From Cold Weather?

Cold Air Sore Throat

Many of us get a sore throat at least once during colder months, but it isn’t the cold air that causes a sore throat. Sometimes it’s just because we breathe in lots of dry air when the furnace is running, and often, it’s the first indication that a cold or virus is coming on. But…

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Sleep Apnea: Too Tired to Stay Awake on New Year’s Eve?

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve can be difficult when you feel exhausted. If you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open past dinner time — sometimes even past lunch, you may not be getting enough deep sleep. A possible cause could be that you’re briefly waking up throughout the night to breathe, even…

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Reasons to Have Your Tonsils Out

Get Your Tonsils Out

This time of year in St. Louis it’s very common to have a sore throat that accompanies a cold or another virus, but if you have frequent pain on one side of the throat and trouble swallowing, there could be more going on. Find out if you could be suffering from tonsillitis, and whether or…

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Avoid Allergies This Holiday Season

Holiday Allergies

The holidays bring new sights, sounds, smells, and yes – even sneezes. Allergy symptoms can skyrocket during this magical month for several reasons. Here are some tips to keep you feeling well so you can enjoy all the festive fun the season offers.   Why December Indoor Allergies Increase, And How to Deal With Them…

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