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26 Jun June 26, 2017

Avoid Summertime Allergies in St. Louis

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Summertime Allergies

Spring has ended, but that doesn’t mean allergy season has. For some, spring allergy symptoms like sneezing and coughing continue into summer. Whether you’re allergic to grass in your yard or mold that’s more prevalent in your home during warm months, find out what you can do to stay comfortable this time of year.   […]

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19 Jun June 19, 2017

Prevent Swimmer’s Ear This Summer

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Swimmer's Ear

It’s the sound of summer: Kids splashing and giggling in the water without a care in the world. But when those laughs turn to cries not long after swimming, there’s a good chance there’s water trapped inside the ear causing intense pain. If you want your child to enjoy summer to the fullest this year, […]

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12 Jun June 12, 2017

Don’t Let Ear and Sinus Problems Ruin Your Summer Vacation

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Ear and Sinus Problems on Vacation

When it comes to summer travel options, the sky’s the limit. You could fly to a tropical island and go scuba diving, drive to your favorite mountain range and go hiking, or take those flying lessons you’ve always dreamed of. Although each of these ideas seem a lot different, you could experience the same problem […]

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05 Jun June 05, 2017

Are Voice Problems Keeping You From Singing?

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Trouble Singing

If you have music in your veins, not being able to sing is not an option. The Voice and Swallowing Center offers a Singers Clinic for singers experiencing voice problems that cause them to have trouble singing. The clinic is conducted by Alice Montgomery, Speech Pathologist and singing specialist, who has an extensive background as […]

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25 May May 25, 2017

How Long Does a Sinus Infection Last?

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We all have sinuses — small cavities in our skulls that produce mucus to prevent pollutants from entering our nasal passages. Sometimes, the tissue that lines those tiny cavities gets inflamed and blocks the sinuses, trapping mucus and air and causing pain and pressure. When mucus is trapped for extended periods, it can even lead […]

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