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What is Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Sinus Relief SurgeryPatients who suffer from recurring sinusitis and other sinus problems may have structural issues that prevent them from getting relief from medications. Through endoscopic sinus surgery, specially trained doctors at Sound Health can remove blockages such as nasal polyps that trap bacteria and cause pain and infection. Endoscopic sinus surgery has been very successful at helping chronic sinusitis sufferers feel better and enjoy life again.

What Happens During Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

Surgeons who perform this type of sinus surgery use specialized instruments to safely remove the cause of sinus blockage. Most often under general anesthesia, the surgeon inserts a tiny camera rod to shine light into the nasal cavity to identify whether the blockage is caused by nasal polyps, scar tissue, or a deviated septum. Depending on their findings, the surgeon then uses tiny medical instruments to remove blockages or straighten the septum. Because there is no incision or cause for hospitalization, patients are often released on the same day.

What Can I Expect After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery?

After surgery, patients enjoy relief of sinus pain and pressure as well as reduced cases of sinusitis. They also experience:

• Improved sinus drainage
• More effective airflow through the nose for easier breathing
• A better sense of smell


How Can I Find Out More About Surgery to Relieve My Sinus Problems?

If you think you may be a candidate for endoscopic sinus surgery, make an appointment to see a doctor at Sound Health Services. Your doctor will explain why you may benefit from this type of procedure and give a detailed breakdown of what happens during the surgery, what kind of recovery you can expect, and best of all, what type of relief you can get so you can start breathing well and feeling your best again. Call us today at (314) 332-1377.