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Are Voice Problems Keeping You From Singing?

Trouble SingingIf you have music in your veins, not being able to sing is not an option. The Voice and Swallowing Center offers a Singers Clinic for singers experiencing voice problems that cause them to have trouble singing. The clinic is conducted by Alice Montgomery, Speech Pathologist and singing specialist, who has an extensive background as a professional singer herself.

“I know what it feels like to perform,” said Montgomery. “And I know how hard it is for singers who don’t sound their best.”

As a singing specialist, Montgomery works with singers of all levels from every genre to make them more confident in their singing ability.

Who Can Benefit from a Singers Clinic?

Whether it’s someone wanting to sound better at karaoke or a professional singer having voice problems, each patient is just as important. Some of the singers Montgomery works with include:

•Choral singers
•Rock band singers
•Live theatre performers
•Classical and opera singers


What Vocal Problems Do These Singers Have?

When patients are having trouble singing, they first visit an ENT doctor for an evaluation to determine whether their voice problems are due to a medical condition. If the doctor finds no anatomical issue, the patient is referred to Montgomery for voice therapy. Some of the issues singers seek help with include:

•Voice breaks
•Pitch problems
•Loss of range
•Tension in the larynx (pushing)
•Balance issues


What Happens in a Singers Clinic?

Montgomery discusses the voice problems patients are experiencing, then asks them to sing. Her training as a speech pathologist allows her to study their breathing and use of vocal cords so she can work with them to improve their sound. If the patient is already working with a singing teacher, Montgomery communicates findings with the teacher to devise a plan. In 1-4 visits, patients are trained to:

•Regulate breathing
•Relieve tension caused by unhealthy resonance
•Increase stamina
•Bring balance back to their instrument


What Else Should Singers Know About Working with a Singing Specialist at the Voice and Swallowing Center?

The most important thing Montgomery stresses is that her services are not only for professional singers. “Even if you want to sound better when singing to grandkids, I can help,” she said. “Everyone deserves to be happy with their singing voice.”

Visit a Sound Health ENT Doctor for a Referral to the Voice and Swallowing Center

If you are experiencing voice problems that cause trouble singing, call Sound Health at (314) 332-1377 to schedule an appointment with an ENT physician.