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The Voice and Swallowing Center Provides Pediatric Services

Voice Problems KidsParents seeking answers to their kids’ voice problems can find solutions at The Voice and Swallowing Center. Whether your child is experiencing hoarseness or a chronic cough, or needs rehabilitation for voice or breathing issues, our team of pediatric specialists can help.

What Conditions in Kids Does The Voice and Swallowing Center Treat?

Kids’ voice problems are treated by a pediatric voice specialist and speech pathologists trained in pediatric conditions. Voice Specialist Christine McDermott diagnoses and treats the following pediatric voice conditions:

Hoarseness – Children who have hoarse voices are often perceived as sick or uneducated. Although hoarseness is rarely a medical concern, it’s important to have your child examined.

“There’s often a negative connotation in school when a child has a raspy voice,” said McDermott. “A child deserves to be treated as who they are and not how they sound.”

After performing diagnostic testing, McDermott and her team works with kids to provide breathing techniques that help reduce or eliminate the hoarseness so they have a more positive experience in life.

Chronic cough – Constant coughing and throat clearing can be not only irritating to a child but also disruptive to others around him. Even when other doctors have not found a cause for the chronic cough, McDermott aims to find a reason for it and to eliminate triggers that cause such episodes.

“Kids are sometimes asked to leave class because their coughing is considered annoying, even though they can’t help it,” said McDermott. “We examine diet and lifestyle habits to determine how to stop the irritation that causes coughing, and teach breathing exercises to help relax their vocal folds to prevent coughing and throat clearing. Kids are happy to return to school with a higher self-esteem.”

Paradoxical vocal fold disorder (PVFD) – When the vocal folds don’t work properly, breathing can be difficult. Kids who are active, such as those in competitive sports, aren’t able to perform their best when they can’t catch their breath.

“It’s a horrible feeling when you can’t breathe,” said McDermott. “Other doctors may rule out asthma and allergies, but there is almost always a reason when kids have trouble breathing. We take time to determine whether it’s a vocal fold disorder and give them breathing techniques to help them feel and perform better.”

Rehabilitation – In kids who were born with vocal fold disorders, tracheal deformities or other issues that affect their voice or breathing, McDermott works to help them speak and breathe more comfortably.

Pediatric voice performance issues – When they sing or act for a living, kids’ voice problems can affect the way they perform. Using specialized techniques, McDermott and her team of speech therapists help young performers sound their best to get them back on stage.


For a Referral to Our Pediatric Voice Specialist, Make an Appointment with a Sound Health ENT Doctor

Don’t give up on finding answers for your kids’ voice problems or breathing issues. Call Sound Health to make an appointment with an ENT doctor who can refer you to our pediatric voice specialist. To schedule an appointment, call (314) 332-1377.