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Spring Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Spring Cleaning AllergiesIt’s a beautiful thing this time of year to see rays of sunshine beaming through the windows — until you see the million specks of dust floating in them. But before you tackle that dust along with all the dirt and dander that’s piled up throughout winter, it’s important to make sure you’re cleaning the right way in order to avoid allergies as you clean.
Keep the Windows Closed
It’s tempting to let fresh air in on a nice day, but spring allergens like pollen are likely to drift in, especially if you’re cleaning during peak morning hours or on a breezy day. Since your goal is to get allergy-triggering particles out of the home, keep the AC running instead.

Wear a Mask
Since you’ll be breathing in lots of yucky things, covering your face with a protective particle mask will help you avoid allergies. It can trap dust, dust mites and even mold spores.

Use Microfiber
Unlike cotton which only spreads dust around and scatters it back into the air, microfiber cloths that are statically charged trap dust and remove more dust mites. Use these cloths and mitts to dust tables, door frames, picture frames, lamps, books, and anything else that dust has settled upon. Microfiber dust mops are also very effective for cleaning floors.

Wash Your Bedding
It takes a high temperature to kill dust mites. Wash sheets every week in 130 degree water, and make sure decorative pillows and comforters are spun in a hot dryer every other week for 20 minutes.

Move Furniture
The best way to avoid allergies in your home is to make sure you reach every crevice when cleaning. Couches and tables that have dust and dander settled under them need to be moved and vacuumed or swept under.

Use a HEPA Vacuum Filter
Some vacuum filters don’t trap tiny spring allergens like pollen that have settled into the carpet. A HEPA filter traps and prevents even the tiniest particles from blowing back out into the air.

Replace Your Air Filters
You should already be replacing the filter in your furnace or AC every other month – more often if you have pets. To really reduce the amount of tiny particles and spring allergens in your home, purchase filters with a MERV (Minimum-Efficiency Reporting Value) rating no lower than 8.

If Cleaning Your Home Doesn’t Help Your Allergy Symptoms, We Can Help

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep spring allergens and other tiny particles out of your home, it’s impossible to avoid allergies. Allergists at Sound Health Services can talk to you about allergy treatments that will reduce your symptoms to make daily life more pleasant. Give us a call at (314) 332-1377 to schedule an appointment.