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Speech Pathologists at The Voice and Swallowing Center Work with Sound Health ENT Doctors in St. Louis, MO to Treat Voice and Swallowing Problems

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As doctors who are highly educated in voice disorders and swallowing problems, we are proud to work closely with speech pathologists at The Voice and Swallowing Center.
Together we provide comprehensive solutions and treatment plans to help patients sound, feel, and function their best.

How Can Sound Health Help with Voice Disorders?

We see many patients who have problems with singing or speech and evaluate each case individually.

Singers. Our ENT specialists work with speech pathologists and voice teachers to address concerns for singers of all skill levels including hoarseness and voice quality. We offer a Singers Clinic in which we provide solutions to singers who have a loss of range, discomfort when singing or changes in their singing voice.

Communication. Some patients who have undergone treatment for head and neck cancer have trouble communicating. Our team works to restore their voices or to create new solutions so they are able to communicate effectively. We also help patients who have chronic cough and throat clearing problems.


How Can Sound Health Help with Swallowing Problems?

Several speech pathologists at the Voice and Swallowing Center specialize in swallowing disorders and are trained in recognizing conditions that affect eating and drinking, as well as discomforts while swallowing. Each patient is carefully observed in order to develop an individual treatment plan.

Eating and Drinking. Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy patient. We see cases in which patients are unable to eat or drink due to coughing and choking, regurgitation, or food getting stuck in the throat. By evaluating each case we are able to help patients enjoy eating and drinking again.

Swallowing. We help patients with any swallowing problems that causes discomfort. Some have a constant feeling like there is something stuck in the throat, and some are simply unable to swallow after treatment of head or neck cancer. Our team of ENT experts and speech pathologists examine each patient to determine the cause of the pain or problem.


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