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Survive Outdoor Easter Egg Hunts with Spring Allergies

Outdoors Egg Hunt AllergiesEaster brings a lot of excitement for little ones, but if you or your child suffer from spring allergies, hunting eggs outside may not be very fun. You can’t do anything to stop pollen from swirling around in the spring air, but there are ways you can make being outdoors more enjoyable for both of you.

Plan the Easter Egg Hunt Later in the Morning

Pollen counts are highest between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., so try to get the kids to hold off on the egg hunt until after then. If they get up early, let them go through their baskets inside to buy a little time until breathing gets easier outside.

Take Allergy Medications Before Going Outside

If you can’t hold off on going outside during peak pollen times, or it’s past peak hours but breezy (which keeps the pollen stirring), go ahead and take or give your child an antihistamine before heading out. This will make being outdoors a little more tolerable.

Change Clothes and Shower When You Come Back In

It’s possible to bring outdoor spring allergies into your home. Pollen clings to clothing and hair, so encourage everyone in your home to change their clothes and at least rinse their hair before cracking open their eggs to see what’s inside.

Talk to an Allergist About Allergy Treatments Prior to Easter

You’ll want to spend lots of time outdoors this spring even beyond Easter. See an allergist who can test you or your child and recommend ways to make being outside more tolerable. If your doctor thinks the best treatment is allergy shots (or immunotherapy), he will explain how starting treatment now can train your body to accept being in spring outdoor air and provide relief from allergy symptoms for years to come.

During immunotherapy treatment, an allergist will inject a small amount of the allergen to build up immunity to it. Injections are usually given once a week and then gradually spread out to once a month, then every few months until the body gets used to being around the allergen. Allergy shots are very effective at relieving allergy symptoms in adults and children.

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