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CT Scanning

At Sound Health Services, we provide convenient in-office CT (computed tomography) scanning. Having this advanced x-ray technology in our office is great because it allows us to perform a scan as part of your examination, giving your physician immediate results, instead of sending you off-site to a hospital or imaging center.

CT ScannerThis on-site imaging tool allows us to diagnose your problem and begin your treatment plan right away, giving you faster relief from your symptoms.

ILUMA uses proprietary Flash CT technology, the latest generation of advancement in ultra cone beam volumetric tomography to produce state-of-the art sinus, skull base, head and neck, and temporal bone images in a simple 20 second scan.

ILUMA features:

  • Low radiation dose
  • Large reconstructed images ensure the desired anatomy is included
  • Advanced visualization software
  • Fast and convenient

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The information on this site is provided by Sound Health Services and the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck, Inc. (AAO-HNS), and is for educational purposes only.

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