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Sound Health Offers a Medical Advancement That Improves Sinus Surgery Results for Chronic Sinusitis Patients in St Louis, MO and Southern Illinois

Chronic Sinusitis PropelEach year in America, 30 million people are affected by sinusitis. While some are able to overcome the condition with medication, those who suffer from chronic sinusitis often turn to sinus surgery for relief. But sometimes after surgery, painful symptoms of sinusitis return when inflammation and scarring block the nasal passage.

Today, those who suffer from chronic sinusitis in St. Louis can get better sinus surgery results, thanks to a new device that holds the sinus pathways open for weeks after surgery.

What is Chronic Sinusitis and How Does Sinus Surgery Help?

Sinusitis develops when a virus, bacteria, or fungus causes inflammation of the sinuses. Symptoms include nasal congestion, discolored discharge, headaches, fever, facial pain, and bad breath. Many cases of sinusitis are curable with antibiotics, but if the condition occurs frequently or lasts three months or longer, it’s considered chronic.

To help eliminate inflammation and open the sinus passages, an ENT surgeon can insert a nasal endoscope through the nostril and remove tissue that causes narrowing or blockage in the sinuses. Sometimes, the doctor removes small pieces of bone in order to open the airway.

How Have Sinus Surgery Results Improved?

Although many chronic sinusitis sufferers get relief from surgery, it’s possible for scar tissue to build and inflammation to block the nasal passages. But with a new innovative stent called the PROPEL Sinus Stent, doctors are able to keep the nasal passages open to offer more promising sinus surgery results.

Here’s how PROPEL works:

•After opening the sinus, the surgeon places the PROPEL stent in place. Because of its spring-like design, the stent conforms to the shape of the sinus and stays securely in place to prop the sinus open. This prevents scar tissue from building up and closing the passage.

•For 30 days, PROPEL delivers a sustained release of an anti-inflammatory medicine directly into the tissues to prevent inflammation that can narrow the nasal pathway.

•PROPEL dissolves in 30 to 45 days, so no additional procedure to remove the stent is needed.


How Effective is the PROPEL Sinus Stent?

Doctors who treat chronic sinusitis in St. Louis are very pleased with PROPEL’s results, and it’s no wonder why. The sinus stent has been proven to reduce scarring of the healing sinus by 70%, reduce the need for additional post-surgery interventions and oral steroid medications by 35%, and reduce polyp formation by 46%.

How Can I Find Out More About Improved Sinus Surgery Results?

Sound Health surgeons are knowledgeable in the most up-to-date sinus surgery advancements, including the PROPEL Sinus Stent.

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