Treatment for Sinus InfectionHave you had a stuffy nose, thick drainage, and pain and pressure in your face and head for several weeks, or even months? If so, you may have a sinus infection. A Sound Health doctor can diagnose your condition based on your symptom history and a thorough exam. Afterward, they will offer you the best treatment option to deliver the fastest relief.

Sinus Infection Treatment Options

Sinusitis (the clinical term for a sinus infection) needs different treatment methods depending on what is causing the infection and how long symptoms have persisted. Acute viral sinusitis is usually short-lived and can be treated using pain relievers, steroid nasal sprays, and saltwater nasal irrigation. Whereas, acute bacterial sinusitis may require antibiotics to stop the infection. Chronic sinusitis can last for months and inflammation or structural issues in your sinuses are often the cause. Therefore, treatment aims to deal with those concerns.

Surgical Options for Chronic Sinusitis

To ease discomfort caused by a chronic sinus infection, you can try saltwater nasal irrigation or nasal steroid sprays. However, surgery is sometimes needed for permanent relief. First, your doctor will address what’s causing the inflammation in your nasal cavity, such as allergies, and may suggest allergy medications or allergy shots to help your body adapt to allergens in the environment. Furthermore, if your doctor suspects you have a structural problem that’s led to a narrow nasal pathway, he or she will order an X-ray or CT scan. In addition, they may suggest one of the following surgery options depending on the results.

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery. Using a tiny endoscope, the doctor carefully removes bone and tissue that’s blocking the sinus pathway. This allows mucus to drain more efficiently from the sinuses while air can flow in more easily. Also, it makes room for nasal sprays and irrigation treatments to better do their job. In many cases, patients go home the same day.
  • Balloon sinus ostial dilation (BSOD). Using a soft, flexible guidewire, the doctor inserts an uninflated balloon into the sinus opening and expands it to widen the nasal passage. This procedure is outpatient, requires a very short recovery time, and has been found to be very effective for relieving chronic sinus infections.


Sound Health Physicians Offer the Best Sinus Infection Treatment in St. Louis

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