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Nobody Loves Bad Breath! Visit a Sound Health ENT Doctor to Kiss Halitosis Goodbye

bad breath due to sinus infectionAre you afraid to get close to your sweetie even after brushing your teeth or chewing on gum? Your bad breath may be something that can’t be helped with a minty flavor fix. Instead, it could be coming from nasal drainage or bacteria in your sinuses, and should be addressed by an ENT doctor before it affects your relationship.

What Could Be Causing Your Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis in the medical world, sometimes comes from food stuck between your teeth or from bacteria in your mouth. But many times, it comes from the following problems that have to do with your sinuses:

Post Nasal Drip – You may have excess mucus from a cold or allergies that leaks into the back of your mouth, and it can certainly produce an unpleasant odor when you breathe or talk.

Sinusitis – When your sinuses are inflamed, the mucus builds up instead of circulating and draining properly. The bacteria that starts to grow in your sinuses can make your breath smell horrible; in fact bad breath is one of the main symptoms of sinusitis.

Atrophic rhinitis – Instead of mucus being wet and slippery as it should be, it sometimes gets dry and crusty. This can happen when you use too much decongestant, and halitosis is usually a side effect.

Acute tonsillitis – If your tonsils become infected, there’s a good chance they’ll produce a foul odor. Many cases of persistent bad breath are caused by tonsillitis.


How an ENT Doctor Can Help Your Halitosis

Doctors who specialize in the ear, nose, and throat can determine the cause of a patient’s bad breath through a thorough medical history and examination. They may determine that your sinus condition could be helped with antibiotics, or they may suggest allergy treatments to reduce your post-nasal drip. In some cases, an ENT doctor may recommend sinus surgery to open up blocked nasal passages that allow bacteria to breed and cause bad breath.

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