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The Voice & Swallowing Center

The Voice & Swallowing Center offers a full spectrum of diagnostic testing for laryngeal symptoms as well as effective treatment methods.

Some of our services include videostroboscopy and modified barium swallow. Videostroboscopy is the most practical and accepted method of viewing the vocal folds in motion. This procedure is standard for evaluating the function of the voice box.

Each initial patient evaluation also includes a Speech Evaluation and Laryngeal Study.

These diagnostic tools may lead to Voice Therapy, and for our clients who sing, be it professionally or for pleasure, we offer a Singers Clinic.

For laryngeal symptoms with a swallowing component we offer a modified barium swallow which is the gold standard for evaluating swallowing function and is conducted in combination with a radiologist.

We also offer swallowing therapy including VitalStim therapy and Deep Pharyngeal Nerve Stimulation (DPNS).

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